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Bang! goes a star. Watch how fast its contents move, and you know the date, right ? Watch its light curve, and you know the type, right? Kepler's.
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Scientists have discovered thousands of supernovae in the observable universe, which is believed to be about Each galaxy has about billion stars, according to Jha.

The cosmic explosion uncovered was about times more powerful than a typical supernova and about billion times brighter than our sun, according to a SALT statement. Indeed, it was about 20 times brighter than all of the light from the few hundred billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

Supernova will appear in the sky in 2022, predict astronomers

An artist's impression of the powerful, superluminous supernova ASASSNlh as it would appear from a planet located 10, light years away in the host galaxy of the supernova. You only get a certain amount of time that you can observe them and then they go away. I like that dynamic environment. Shappee and Holoien, who both graduated summa cum laude, did undergraduate research on supernovae with Jha and then enrolled in the Ph.

Stretching from the Waagnatie over MAS and Felix Pakhuis to Retail Detail, the festival is hosted at several sites - both indoor and outdoor - and will even include some brand new constructions.

As a professional, entrepreneur, creative, researcher, innovator or investor, SuperNova allows you to squeeze time and embrace tomorrow. Feed your curiosity and discover the new ideas and technologies for tomorrow!

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Expedition , Tech Fair , TalentBuzz. SuperNova in Action From 27 to 30 September, the first edition of the SuperNova technology and future festival took place in Antwerp.


American entrepreneur known best as co-founder of Twitter, Medium, and Jelly. A world-famous game designer r ecognized as one of the world's top innovators by MIT.

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Sept 27 28 29 Starting with the first quarter of , visitors wishing The latest issue of the free magazine Science in School is now available online and in printed form. This European journal for science teachers offers up-to-date information on cutting-edge science, teaching materials and projects in science education, interviews with inspiring This award recognises the ways in which the ESO Supernova adheres The ESO Supernova is proud to announce a new show in its line-up.

The winner of the ESO-offered bursary for the Winter AstroCamp has now been selected from 95 applications from 15 countries. The participants will attend lectures and laboratory visits, engage in hands-on sessions and benefit from the Between Space and Time, a brand new open-source planetarium show illustrating the important role played by astronomical observation in the evolution of pre-Hispanic cultures in central On Saturday 13 October between ESO is proud to announce a brand new addition to its collection of free high-quality planetarium materials produced by world-renowned astrophotographers, artists, technicians and musicians.

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